Replace, renew or even heal sick body parts

Possibilities of reparative and regenerative medicine



Many people are dependent on new tissue or even entire organs after an illness or accident. Humans have been trying to replace severed body parts for thousands of years. The oldest prosthesis found to date is a proud 3500 years old. The simple wooden stumps of the past have now become sophisticated high-tech constructions.
In contrast to conventional approaches, which aim to repair damaged tissues, regenerative medicine (lat. regeneratio = regeneration) is concerned with the regeneration of tissues - a revolutionary new approach in biomedicine. Its goal is to restore functions and grow new tissue. In the distant future, even entire organs are to be cultivated. It is hoped that regenerative medicine will be able to cure diseases such as Parkinson's, leukemia, heart attacks and even serious injuries.
This exhibition takes visitors on a tour of the achievements of organ replacement and sheds light on the current state and possibilities of regenerative medicine.