Introduction to the new special exhibition

Mysterious brain

Prof.Dr.M.Müller‐Gerbl (Basel)

« The young brain: moving instead of learning »

Dr. Sebastian Ludyga, Departement für Sport, Bewegung und Gesundheit, Fachbereich Sportwissenschaft, Basel

Dr. Bernhard Segesser, PD Dr. J. Paul
(Rennbahnklinik, Muttenz)

Followed by light refreshments




Special Exhibition starting 11th February 2016


Fascination Muscles, Sinews, Fasciae

If you rest, you rust!


Prof.Dr.M.Müller-Gerbl (Basel)

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The Anatomical Museum in Basel is part of the Faculty of Medicine. It is a centre for research and medical studies and houses a unique collection of historical preparations. Original preparations of human body parts, organs and tissue are displayed, which show the structure of the human body in a systematic and topographic way. Exhibits of prenatal development are also shown. Special exhibitions explain specific areas of anatomy and connected sciences in a way, which is understandable for all visitors.